4 Best Electrical Outlets And Switches

Introduction of Electrical Outlets And Switches

Electrical Outlets And Switches are the sockets that connect alternating current supplied by the source of electricity to the electronic device. Usually, these switches are fitted in the walls. Seldom are they also being installed in the ceiling, such as openers of garage doors? Primarily, electrical outlets or switches are of two types: industrial and domestic.


The electrical outlet and switches acts as a part of the circuit, and once when the electrical device is plugged in the outlet, current flows from the source to the electronic device through the electrical outlets and switches and thus makes a complete circuit. Electrical outlets have a great deal of variety, ranging from the round electrical outlets to pass and Seymour outlets.

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Product NameFeaturesPriceWeightDimensions
Leviton GFNT1-W Self-Test, LED Indicator, Wallplate Included, 15-Amp  15-Amp. sizeWhite in colorUL listed certificationWarranty of 2 yearsSmart lockPro slim$13.810.16 ounces1.69 x 1.32 x 4.21 inches
Cable Matters 10-Pack, 15 Amp Electrical Outlet with Wall Plate in White  15-Amps. styleNo batteries includedNo batteries requiredTamper-resistant outlet$16.541.65 pounds10.6 x 4.8 x 3.3 inches
AbboTech 15A Duplex Receptacle Standard Wall Outlet Decorative Electrical Outlet  OUTLET 10PK styleNo batteries includedNo batteries requiredTamper-resistant material$23.99 ($2.40 / Item)2.07 pounds4.53 x 2.75 x 0.94 inches
GFCI Outlet 20 Amp,  LED Indicator with Decor Wall Plates and Screws (White)  20 Amps Amperage capacityManufactured from fireproof materialRectangular in shapeUL listedTamper-resistantWeather-resistant$12.994.8 ounces4.2 x 1.8 x 1.6 inches


Leviton GFNT1-W Self-Test, LED Indicator, Wallplate Included, 15-Amp
Cable Matters 10-Pack, 15 Amp Electrical Outlet with Wall Plate in White
AbboTech 15A Duplex Receptacle Standard Wall Outlet Decorative Electrical Outlet
GFCI Outlet 20 Amp,  LED Indicator with Decor Wall Plates and Screws (White)


Cable Matters 10-Pack is on of the BEST ELECTRICAL OUTLETS AND SWITCHES These outlets are skillfully manufactured white with wall plates, screws, and mounting boxes, and they are easy to install as well.



A list of best electrical outlets is mentioned below with their pros and cons.

1.     Leviton GFNT1-W Self-Test Smart lock Pro Slim GFCI.

Leviton is the growing producer of domestic and industrial ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Leviton GFCI outlets are designed slender so they can be installed in a small space. They tolerate high torque. They are manufactured with double insulation to provide protection. You can install these electronic outlets ground up or down.


  • It is the best electrical outlet and switch that offers nonstop safety against ground faults. If there is any fault, the inbuilt system of the outlet will make the outlet to be tripped.
  • They are easy to be handled because their clamping scheme for connecting the electronic device is fantastic.
  • Their slim and slender style makes their installment very easy; they can be fitted in a small space.


  • The reset button of the outlet is tough to push.
  • Greenlight is on even when the switch is not working.

2.     Cable Matters 10-Pack Duplex Receptacle 

This product contains wall plates, receptacle, matching wall plate screws, receptacle mounting screws, and an instruction sheet in a single packaging. They are15 Amp tamper-resistant.


  • These outlets can be grounded. They have a place for linking them to ground wire.
  • These outlets are very economical because they come with all the things that you needed to install a switch in one packaging at a reasonable price.
  • These outlets are skillfully manufactured white with wall plates, screws, and mounting boxes, and they are easy to install as well.
  • You do not need to worry about the type of wiring in your house because these outlet boxes have the choice of both side wiring s as well as back wiring.


  • Sometimes plugging in of the electronic device is difficult
  • They leave the gap when they are being fitted in the old switch boxes. This problem can be solved by the top plate of the outlet eliminating the top plate of the outlet or switch.
  • It is difficult for the people who are very sensitive to the color contrast to buy their desired color because they are only available in white color.

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3.     AbboTech 15A Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle 

These are the best electrical outlets to keep your children safe because they are tamper-resistant. They can be used in a vast variety of places, from homes to commercial areas. They are skillfully built with fire-resistant electronic components. Thus, they guarantee safety. They are pass and Seymour outlets.


  • If you have children at home and they like to experiment with the stuff, these outlets ensure child safety as they are tamper resistants.
  • You don’t need any technician to install the outlet. Both outlets and the faceplate are convenient to install. You can install this on your own. The instructions to install it are so precise and easy to understand.
  • These electrical outlets can be installed in both ways, ground up and ground down.


  • A 12 gauge wire should be wired to the outlets according to the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). But, these outlets need 14 gauge wire to be wired. So, it does not meet the standard of the NEC.
  • If you are using a vacuum cleaner, which you keep on unplugging and plugging from one place to another, it will be difficult as they are tamper-resistant.

4.     GFCI Outlet 20 Amp

The GFCI outlet is manufactured of thermoplastic stuff that sets the seal on great strength and durability. GFCI built-in system detects the ground faults and saves the users from a great deal of danger. They are weather-resistant. Their unique design prevents it from aging and corrosion.


  • Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are the best outlets to be used in the harsh environment. They work efficiently in the kitchen, where the temperature is high, as well as near the bathrooms and near the refrigerator, where moisture is high.
  • You can use these outlets both indoor as well as outdoor. They have built-in systems to prevent aging and corrosion from the harsh environment of the outdoors.
  • These outlets are continuously detecting any ground faults. The double safety system of the outlet will detect the problem and will be tripped before any kind of short-circuiting.


  • If you add something with a heavy load, its double safety built-in system will make the outlet trip. This can be very tiring sometimes.
  • They are tamper-resistant. That’s why they take a lot of energy and force to plug in some electronic devices. The question of how to defeat the temper-resistance of this outlet will keep rising!


1. Cut off the Power Supply

When you fit the dimmer, make sure you cut off the power supply, then remove the cover plate by unscrewing the screws of the switchboard. Then, check the wires with a voltmeter and confirm that the electricity is off.

2. Calculate the Amperage of Setting

 The ampere or amp is the SI Unit of the current. The outlets are manufactured according to the specific number of amps. An increase in the flow of current will overheat the outlet and shut it down. SO, make sure that you know the amps of the setting before buying the outlet or switch.

3.  Aware of outlet types

There are a variety of outlets available out there. You should be mindful of what kind of switch will be fitted to your demand and building. Some are single plug outlet; some are three plug outlet.

  • AFCI vs. GFCI OUTLETS: The AFCI outlet has inbuilt electronic circuits that can sense the danger of fire. The switch will turn off the circuit as it detects any condition that will lead to a fire. The GFCI outlet has a sensitively built-in monitor that will calculate the coming in and out. Any imbalance will automatically shut the outlet. If you are looking outlet for a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, GFCI is the best outlet to use.
  • Smart Outlets: If you are the lover of technology, then you would enjoy using the smart outlet. You can operate your electronic outlet wirelessly from your mobile phone.
  • Weather Resistant or Tamper Resistant Outlet: If you have toddlers and children at home then you should buy a tamper-resistant outlet because in such kind of outlets the holes of the outlet

4. Match your Wall Plates with the design and color of the room

  • Match the finishing of a switch plate with the color of the hardware of cabins that you use in the kitchen.
  • In your bathroom, co-ordinate the color of the wall plate with sink or tiles.
  • For the living room, consider selecting the color of the furniture or the curtains.

5. Height of Outlet Boxes

If you are the one who is constructing a new building, then you have come across the thought of how high outlets should be! The average standard height of the outlets from the top of the floor is twelve inches.

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1. How many outlets can you put on 15 amp breaker?

There is not a specific figure of outlets or lights that you can put on 15 amp breakers.  It varies from the load or voltage of the lights. Typically, we can add 8 to 10 outlets or switches on 15 amp breaker, but keep that in mind that you are not using all the outlets at the same time.

2. What should things be kept in mind when adding outlets to the garage?

The outlets installed should be GFCI switches.  A three-way switch should be fitted in the garage. One switch controlling light must be installed in the garage.

3. How to defeat tamper-resistant outlets?

When both the terminals of the plug will be inserted in the outlet simultaneously, the shutter of the switches will be opened.

4. Which type of circuit is used in the daisy-chained outlet?

In the daisy-chained outlet, both the series or parallel circuit can be used.


There are, on average, 75 electrical outlets and switches in your homes honoring your walls. They are of different designs, material, quality, functionalities, and shapes.  Leviton GFNT1, Cable Matters, AbboTech, and GFCI Outlet are the best electrical outlets in a market. Their design ensures your safety from various accidents as well as they work for a long life span, worthing your money.

These electrical outlets and switches are reliable and have a great range of precision. They are also advanced with the technology ensuring your comfort. These are ever the best electrical outlets and switches or dimmers as per keeping the market demands in view and customer satisfaction.

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