Best 4 Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs

Introduction of Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs

The best dimmer switches for LED bulbs is needed in every building and technologically advanced with ease and is preferred the most in a moderate budget. Dimmers are used for reducing the light brightness for which they are joined to a light fixture. 

Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs

They work by creating a transition in the voltage waveform functional to the lamp, which is making it evident for reducing the light’s intensity output if required.

They vary from size to size, from light switches to high-grade ones for use in the home and commercial buildings, respectively. The best dimmer switch for the LED bulb is generally controlled directly, but it can also be used by remote control.

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Specification of Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs

ProductFeatures and priceWeightDimensionsVoltage and wattages
Lutron C.L Dimmers27 dollars Large paddle Possess slider Fast installation Smooth dimming technology2.08 ounces    11 x 6 x 7 inches120 V 150W
Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer22. 55 dollars minimum energy usage toggle switch4.8 ounces1.75 x 1.29 x 4.1 inches120 V 600 W
Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch for LED Light/CFL/Incandescent12.99 dollars rocker and slide style of switch wall- mounted  10.6 ounces1.85 x 2.76 x 4.53 inches120 V 600 W
Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch by TP-Link, Single Pole44.99 dollars schedule and time mode electronic low voltage dimmers3.84 ounces5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches120 V


Lutron C.L Dimmers
Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer
Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch
Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch


Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch is one of the best Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs as It has a mounting wall frame style, which avoids the undesirable screws in the walls and keeps away from the extra effort of screwing into the wall and much more.


Best 4 Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs With Pros And Cons

Lutron C.L Dimmers

Lutron Dimmers possess a big switch and a sleek slider for turning the lights ON and OFF and progressively to increase or reduce the intensity of light. Lutron elv dimmers are regarded as one of the best dimmer switches for LED light bulbs as they can smooth dimming and optimization. The Lutron Diva dimmers give standard fitness for CW-1-WH and are compatible with 800 plus bulbs.


  • Dimmer and Lutron LED, known as best for dimming performance as well as for the right light level, as they are made with precision for CFL and dimmable lads, as compared to the normal ones.
  • There is a slider at the side for the precise adjustment of light according to the occasion and need.
  • They are efficient and electronic low voltage dimmers as they can work up to 150 watts with LEDs and CFLs and work ten times more than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • These dimmers give up to 250 lighting levels. Moreover, they are beneficial as they reduce the quantity of CO2 in the air and give a full range of dimming for bulbs having halogen.


  • Though Lutron is considered one of the best dimmer switches for LED bulbs, which is expected to be flawless as it is designed with exact precision, despite this all, LED bulbs to go on to generate the buzzing noise by using a Lutron dimmer switch, which can be observed easily and undesirable.

Leviton TSL06-1LW Toggle Slide Universal Dimmer

Leviton is also categorized as the best dimmer switch for LED bulbs with classic design and toggle switch for easy operation. They are trendy as are designed for three ways capable used with three -modes switch. These bulbs start work on full brightness, after which you can dim by match downing the requirement. They are designed on optional settings with a wide range of standard dimmers.

Leviton has kick-start settings as well, which for having darker space, which is tested, and the results were very palpable. It has a toggle and slider switch type and works up to 120 volts.


  • Leviton’s new dimmers deal with the minimum energy usage with high- quality work.
  • It is designed so slim that it can be fitted easily into the wall with a comfortable installation.
  • The dimmer is designed for desired dark modes for which green light is installed into the switch, which reduces the cost of the buyer.
  • A toggle switch is used in it, which is generally made for controlling up to 300 watts.


  • In this easy world, rather than having a simple methodology, Leviton has followed a complex one by using two switches each for starting with low or high brightness levels, which causes unnecessary complexity and uneasiness.
  • These dimmer switches also make the bulbs to create undesirable buzzing sound and creating noise.

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Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch

A suitable type of dimmer switch is Cloudy Bay having excellent fixtures, and it can work with 600 W  at indecent and as 150 W dimness with 60 Hz. It is easy to adjust, and they achieve low- level halogen media. It gives comfortable work such as achieving full compatibility with the lights; one can change it to counter-clockwise for this purpose. Its installation method is wall-mounted.

It has a rocker and slide style of the switch with three typed controls. The material of Cloudy Bay is plastic, which gives smooth work.


  • Cloudy bay wall dimmers have manual control at low-level dimming, which gives comfortable working.
  • It has a mounting wall frame style, which avoids the undesirable screws in the walls and keeps away from the extra effort of screwing into the wall.
  • These dimmers are compatible with the Halogen, CFL, and LED by the prohibition of flickering, which avoids the unnecessary tension of choice of lights.


  • Cloudy Bay dimmers are kept not so flexible to cope up with slight power changes. Due to this, they do stand with exceeding maximum power, for which they have to be replaced, which adds to the difficulty for users.
  • These switches can not be used for multi-buttons due to which the user has to buy a dimmer switch for each button, which in result gives high cost.

Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch

Kasa smart dimmer switch is also one of the best dimmer switches for led bulbs. Most people compare Lurton with Leviton in quality, cost, and durability. Despite this, Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch is also regarded as electronic low voltage dimmers with providing patriot lighting. Its switch style is dimmer with a dimmer switch pattern as well, and wall-mount plug profile.

Schedules are made for easy use when you leave the room as it is designed smart enough to work efficiently.


  • This dimmer gives an illuminated location, which can be identified by users even in no light. It can be put on schedule and time mode, which makes the life of the user comfortable.
  • It is designed automatically, which is used for keeping the user to stay in luxury as they can control it from any place and can be assisted with the help of Google assistant.


  • These switches are brilliant, but due to their distinct requirements and high technology, not everyone can use them.
  • Moreover, it adds up to the difficulty as it only works in a specific set up, which is a single-pole setup.

Buyer’s Guideline For Dimmer Switches For LED Bulbs

1. Cut off the Power Supply

When you fit the dimmer, make sure you cut off the power supply, then remove the cover plate by unscrewing the screws of the switchboard. Then, check the wires with a voltmeter and confirm that the electricity is off.

2. Easy Switching

Fitting your dimmer switch is effortless by solely changing your single pole switch with a new one. Then you do not need to use alternative types of bulbs.

3. Check Power

When you buy the dimmer switch, make sure that you investigate its power rating before buying. The majority of the witches can grip power up to 60 watts.

4. Distinct Dimmers for Distinct Bulbs

Traditional dimmer switches can be used if halogen and incandescent lights are being used in your setting. As far as LED lights are concerned, a unique electronic dimmer switch should be used.

5. Ensuring the suitable functionality of the switch

The dimmer switches work only with the alternative current. They do not work with direct current settings. Make sure that you have the supply of alternating current in a setting for which you are buying dimmer switches.

6. Compatible Switch Box Installation

If your building is old and the wiring is before 1990, probably you have a small switch box. Do not try to fit the dimmer switch in a compact room of a little switch box. Replace you’re a small switch box with a large switch box.

7. Design of the Dimmer

Once you have dealt with the technical stuff, you can prioritize your preference of color, style, and design. They vary from the touch-sensitive to rotaries etc.

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Is it necessary to use a particular type of dimmer switch for LED lights?

The ordinary dimmer switch will not operate appropriately for the LED lights. A unique electronic dimmer switch will be used for the adequate dimming of the light.

Can the dimmers be applicable to lights? 

 Usually, ordinary dimmers are applicable to lights like halogen and incandescent lights, but sometimes some specific lights use specialized dimmers. So, a particular type of dimmer which matches the functioning of light should be used.

Do the dimmers work when voltage is fluctuating?

It depends on the quality of the dimmers. The fluctuating voltage will decrease the life of dimmers, but standard dimmers will have more life span. Even some can work with varying voltage.

Do the wireless dimmers compensate for ordinary dimmers?

Yes, the wireless dimmer switch works properly as any ordinary dimmer additional to this. They are easy to use as they can be operated with remotes or mobile apps.


Lutron, Leviton, Cloudy Bay, and Kasa Smart Dimmers are named as BEST DIMMER SWITCHES FOR LED BULBS in the market. They are based on the latest technology and the highest techniques as well. Kasa is also equipped with an automatic system which can be operated by Google assistant as well. These dimmers are reliable and have a wide range of precision.

The better quality, straightforward approach, and gentle touch without extra difficulties make the unique in all zones from domestic use to commercial ones. These are ever best kinds of dimmer switches for led bulbs as per keeping the market demands in view and customer satisfaction.

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